Vision Star provides professional services to help our customers realize the most value from their investments in our products. VisionStar maintains a staff of optical and information technology professionals who deliver a comprehensive set of services from initial project planning through implement and stablization.

Site Survey

A VisionStar consultant will visit a customer’s site to assess their current operations, manufacturing practices, business practices, unique customization requirements and environmental needs. VisionStar uses the completed site survey as a tool to ensure delivery of the appropriate applications, services and hardware to a new user of our products. The site survey assists Vision Star in providing an optimum installation of the VisionStar LMS System.


A VisionStar implementation team works closely with the customer in the implementation process on all projects. Project plans are developed prior to implementation and both parties agree to the plan in writing. In developing the implementation plan, a VisionStar Account Manager reviews each customer’s business requirements, prepares an installation project list, identifies personnel requirements, ensures environmental requirements are met, and participates in training sessions.

During the implementation of VisionStar LMS, the Account Manager will work with the customer in a team effort to develop and manage the implementation plan as well as keep the project on schedule. The Account Manager will ensure that the collection of production data and development of the database are proceeding according to the customer’s plan, questions regarding system capabilities and to use of the system are resolved, and work required to prepare the facility for the installation of the server and the network is on schedule.


VisionStar’s training courses are designed to provide new customers with a working knowledge of VisionStar LMS. Supplemental and advanced training courses can be customized for existing customers to meet advanced requirements. The initial training course for the System Administrator includes an overview of system features, database management, routine maintenance, and an assessment of operational procedures and workflow.

Classes begin with an overview of the system to be installed and proceed through each of the functions required to develop the requisite knowledge to use the system in a productive way.


VisionStar maintains a support staff that includes optical retail, optical manufacturing, and information systems processing professionals to provide telephone support to our customers. Support is offered twenty-four hours-per-day, seven days-per-week. VisionStar support personnel answer questions concerning use of the LMS software, provide technical troubleshooting, and install software updates.

Vision Star provides enhancements to all the modules that a customer has purchased as part of their monthly license and support fee. Vision Star will continue to include new optical technologies, production methods, and processing capabilities as part general releases. Enhancements that are paid for by one customer are embedded in the core system and made available to all users as mutually agreed.