Corporate Strategy

Leading the Optical Industry.

VisionStar is a leading developer of optical software applications for the management of Optical Laboratory production and business functions. Our goal is to provide the highest quality dynamic software solutions for businesses engaged in the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of eyewear.

VisionStar understands that optical companies are constantly changing to meet the challenges of evolving markets. We take pride in supplying powerful and easy to use software to help businesses analyze and summarize their performance to effectively manage this change. We seek to assist our customers in increasing their productivity and maximizing the efficiency of their operations.

VisionStar has continued to enhance and refine our products and services since 1972. We have utilized the experience gained from numerous optical laboratories worldwide to optimize our products. We continue to build and maintain a growing customer base by providing quality, integrated, software products with a breadth of features that can be easily implemented and used to the fullest extent of its capabilities.

VisionStar continues to build on it's reputation of reliability by:

  • Delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Constantly improving our products and services through the implementation of new and improved business functions
  • Listening to and incorporating the requirements set forth by our customers