Electronic Interface

VisionStar’s dedication to open systems is evidenced in our approach to developing electronic interfaces with offerings from other vendors in the optical industry. VisionStar doesn’t believe that the decision to utilize a production system in an optical lab should determine the way a lab conducts their business with their customers.

As there is no current standard for the transmission of orders in the optical industry, VisionStar in order to maintain an open system is creating interfaces that will allow labs in retail environments to select the Point of Sale system they want to use and to allow wholesale labs to have access to all means of receiving orders from Eye Care Professionals.

SDS/LMS Interface

The SDS/LMS interface provides a single point of entry for all enterprise transactions that originate in either of the two systems. All product information including lens data, frame data and services data is created and maintained in VisionStar LMS Oracle database. This information is automatically passed to the Point of Sale system where it is used and displayed in an easy to read format in drop down windows. Frame orders are electronically passed to the lab with all required information to begin production. Order status is passed back to the SDS Point of Sale system for display in the SDS current order screen.

Marchon Interface

VisionStar is currently working with Marchon to develop an interface into the Delta systems POS product. VisionStar would like to use to use the VisionWeb interface format with Marchon. VisionStar is pushing VisionWeb to work to establish their interface as the optical standard for passing prescription lens orders.

EyeFinity Interface

VisionStar is also working with Eyefinitiy to develop an interface into the Eyefinity web site to allow prescription lens orders to be placed. Vision Service Plan (VSP) owns Eyefinity. VSP is responsible for 22% of all prescription eyewear orders in the United States. Creating an interface to Eyefinity will not only allow VisionStar labs to use the Eyefinity Web Services as a sales tool with their customers, it will also allow VisionStar labs to electronically process VSP orders without the cumbersome task of printing and reentering the orders.

VisionWeb Interface

VisionStar offers a VisionWeb compliant interface that allows prescription lens orders to be placed on the VisionWeb web site and imported electronically into ViStar LMS. Order status is passed back to VisionWeb to allow the practice that placed the order to get access to the order status on the VisionWeb web site.